About Us

We are Jacquie and Anthony, we are entreprenuers who run multiple businesses and JADE Alpacas is the newest.  And I must say it's probably the cutest :)

So welcome to our site and to our journey and hopefully we can show you a bit more of the world of alpacas and help you to love them as much as we do!

Our Values

First and foremost we believe in raising happy animals!  While we want to make sure we are always breeding for the highest quality in our alpacas we also make sure that they are living happy and comfortable lives.  Our alpacas are an extension of our family and we know they will be with us for years to come and their children and grand-children after them.  

Next, we will be breeding our alpacas to reach the highest quality of premium white huacaya.  We start with only the best and breed to improve the quality of alpacas in the UK.

Our History

 Well, this will be short.  Our experience with alpacas has been steadily growing over the past 2 years and our business skills come from many years of practice.  By mixing a love of animals with a passion for business we plan to put JADE Alpacas on the map for people looking for quality wool and animals.

Jacquie was previously an accountant with PwC back in her USA homeland and came to the UK in 2007 while she was working with them. She later branched out into consulting and then left accounting all together to build a property management business and now does coaching for women at www.thejacquieedwards.com

Anthony runs a technology company that makes industrial radars.  I can't explain much more than that, as it's all over my head, but if you want to check it out (radars are great for security and hopefully we'll have a few when we have our own alpaca farm) his company is NavTech Radar.