Our First Show...

Apr 19, 2017

We were very excited to take part in our first show - the Heart of England Spring Alpaca Fiesta 2017.  After feedback from Shirley and Rob at Toft Alpacas (http://www.toft-alpacas.co.uk/), our 9 month old baby boy Quartz was considered good enough to have a shot at the show!

Rob and Shirley very kindly helped us with all of the logistics, including getting booked on and also transporting Quartz to the show along with their own animals they were entering.  They have been extremely supportive and generous throughout our alpaca journey!!!!

The show is split into different classes, based on the breed, sex, colour and age of alpaca.  Quartz was entered into the Junior White Male Category.  As there were oven 12 entries, the round was split into 2.

Having spent what felt like an hour picking all of the bits of the cardboard flooring out of his fleece ready for the show he was good to go.

We were in the second round and Jacquie volunteered to walk him into the ring.  Shortly after entering she was asked by the judge to leave the ring!!  We thought we had done something wrong as no one else had to leave, but it was just because he wanted to see Quartz walk a little further.  Turns out we need to learn a little more about how to show the Alpacas and present them in a show! 

Quartz did well earning a 6th place!!  The judge commented that he would have received 4th place if he had walked a little better, something to work on for next time and a good result for our first show!!