Another cria...

Jul 10, 2017

We got lucky again!  We had a lovely camping weekend planned nearby to Toft so that we could visit the alpacas and spend a bit of time outdoors - and Marie gave birth to her baby the day before we arrived.  We are lucky to have another strong young male cria and all of our alpacas are doing well!

Having 2 male crias isn't great for growing the herd - as really we would have preferred females, the babies are showing promise to have good fleeces so we are hopeful that we may have a chance taking them to a show next year.  We will keep a good eye on them but they come from very strong champion stock on their father's side (Beck Brow Explorer).  

I won't go on and on - here are some more photos of cute fuzzy alpacas - because I know that's what most people want to see!