A sad loss...

Jan 10, 2017

We've just had news today that we lost Anduril last night.  We had a brief email from Shirley over at Toft yesterday saying that they had the vet in to look at her as she won't stand up (but is still eating and drinking).  Her breathing is a bit erratic so they've given her some antibiotics for pneumonia.  Unfortunately, she didn't make it through the night.  We will be sending her off for post mortem to find out the cause.

Luckily - her cria Aluminum is old enough to be weaned to we won't have to worry about him.  He is healthy and strong and all the other alpaca seem healthy as well - so will be interesting to see what the results of the post mortem are.

And luckily we had insured the 2 females so we should be able to get the purchase price back from the insurance company and be able to continue to build the herd.