A baby is born!

Jul 02, 2016

We had a visit to Toft to see our alpacas today.  We knew they were in the pregnant mother's field waiting for imminent births.   We had a quick peak in the top paddock and saw a couple of moms with their cria there and then we we walked all around the field looking for Marie and Anduril.  We were able to find Marie - luckily it's super easy as she's got the brown spot on her neck.  She was still looking a pregnant as ever with no cria running around.  But we couldn't find Anduril...so we walked around again and still nothing.  Feeling a bit worried we wandered back up to the top paddock to see the new babies that had just been born - and that's when we noticed that one of the mom's was Anduril.  She had just had her cria a couple hours before we arrived!!  Our first cria. 

We later learned that it was a little boy - which we named Aluminum (Anthony really wanted an alpaca that we could call Al - Like Al Paca...).  So aluminum was the closest natural mineral / precious metal that we could find that would shorten to Al.  Since the company is JADE Alpacas we are going to keep the names in line with that and use precious stones and minerals.