Now Hiring - Bunny Groomer

Goal - keep our lovely angora rabbits clean, tidy and fluffy in 1 day per week.

We have a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic, keen to learn and hard-working Bunny Groomer to join us part-time at JADE Alpaca Ranch. 

The position will be largely self-directed covering a set of key tasks on a regular basis to manage the wool and well-being of our angora rabbits.

About JADE Alpaca Ranch

Jacquie Edwards and Anthony D’Souza (swap our initials around a bit and you’ll see where the JADE comes from) had a dream to create JADE Alpaca Ranch because of their passion for sustainability and fuzzy animals.  

We are located on 27 acres just outside Stanford in the Vale on the outskirts of Baulking Village and focus on caring for our animals in a sustainable and as natural an environment as possible in order to breed top quality white alpacas and provide eggs, fleece and other farming products through our website and farm shop.

Our Core Values 

Fun family atmosphere - treating everyone like family and having fun

Unbeatable quality - always striving for excellence and quality in everything we do

Zen - creating a harmonious, natural environment with healthy animals ad relaxed humans

Zero emissions - we focus on caring for the environment and giving back more than we take

About Your Role

As a bunny groomer you will carry out regular haircuts, blowouts, shearing, trims, cleaning, nail trimming, etc of our angora rabbits. 

This part-time position will include:

  • Keeping the undersides of all rabbits trimmed and clean
  • Shearing the rabbits every 3 months
  • Blowing out the tangles from the top coat
  • Cutting out any knots and mats in the wool
  • Keeping their toenails trimmed
  • Cleaning out the cages

Here are a couple videos so you can see what bunny grooming involves...just know that our bunnies are calm and quiet like the ones in these videos:

Your Skills and Experience

  • Animal grooming experience (minimum of 1 year)  - doesn't have to be with angora rabbits.
  • Passion for animals
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn
  • Self-motivated, team player
  • Willingness and commitment to hard, physical work in all weather conditions
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Dedication, reliability and a great work ethic
  • Attention to detail in all aspects of your work
  • Ability to make suggestions for improvements
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Able to handle animals with confidence and patience
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Work safely at all times, particularly around farm equipment and animals
  • The ability to use one’s own initiative
  • Flexibility, physical strength and stamina
  • Dedication to furthering the successful development of the farming environment

Timing & Pay

We expect this to start at 1 day per week (or 2 half-days) - Mondays and/or Thursdays.  One day = 8 hours.

Our ideal situation would be with a groomer that is self-employed and will invoice us as a contractor.  For a self employed contractor the pay would be £10 per hour.

If you would prefer to be PAYE and we find you to be the right fit then the pay will be in line with national minimum wage to start at £7.31 per hour.

How to apply

Please fill in the form below and let us know how your passions and values align with ours.